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Deferred Action - "Currently in School"

What does "currently in school" mean?

To be considered "currently in school" for Deferred Action, you must be enrolled in school on the date you submit your request for Deferred Action to the USCIS.

Who is considered to be "currently in school"?

To be considered "currently in school" you must be enrolled in:

1. A public or private elementary school, junior high or middle school, high school, or secondary school;

2. An education, literacy, or career training program (including vocational training) that is designed to lead to placement in postsecondary education, job training, or employment and where you are working toward such placement; or

3. An education program assisting students in obtaining a regular high school diploma or its recognized equivalent under state law (inlcuding a certificate of completion, certificate of attendance, or alternate award), or in passing a General Educational Development (GED) exam or other equivalent state-authorized exam.

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